Uber: On the Road to Nowhere

Steven Greenhouse (The American Prospect magazine, 7 dicembre 2015)

The Future of Work

US Labor Department (streaming live on Dec. 10 at from 9.30 am to 6.00 pm)

2015 UAW talks unleashed frustration despite gains

Alisa Priddle, Brent Snavely (Detroit Free Press, 28 novembre 2015)

U.A.W. contracts change math for Detroit automakers

Bill Vlasic e Mary M. Chapman (The New York Times, 24 novembre 2015)

How Walmart keeps an eye on its massive workforce

Susan Berfield (Bloomberg Business, 24 novembre 2015)

Memory, fantasy collide in UAW contract drama

Daniel Howes (The Detroit News, 20 novembre 2015)

The Mystery of the Vanishing Pay Raise

Steven Greenhouse (The New York Times, 30 ottobre 2015)

How does declining unionism affect the american middle class and intergenerational mobility?

Richard Freeman, Eunice Han, David Madland, Brendan V. Duke, NBER Working Paper, ottobre 21638

The Future of Work: Working With Constant Connectivity

Judy Wajcman (Pacific Standard, 28 ottobre 2015)

The Future of Work: We Need to Protect Immigrant Workers

Kevin R. Johnson (Pacific Standard, 29 ottobre 2015)

The future of jobs: lessons from history

Irving Wladawsky-Berger (CIO Journal, 16 ottobre 2015)

Redefining jobs in the Uber age

Andrei Hagiu (, 7 ottobre 2015)

FCA, ecco cosa lega Marchionne al sindacato Uaw

Francesco Nespoli (, 22 settembre 2015)